Our Story

In the year of 1997, when we began our journey as INFOTECH in Dhanbad ( the then Bihar), our sole intention was to armor the students with the knowledge of English language;  so that they could brave the world.  We draw immense pleasure from the fact that we could help many of our students, students from far flung areas like Gomia to Raniganj, to build their careers.

However, that was a different time altogether – sans mobile phone and less means of aberration. Students were quite determined to make their lives and they found INFOTECH as the source of attaining their aspiration.

We considered ourselves fortunate enough to have immense love from the students. Not for cosy infrastructure but for our attitude.  Our attitude towards language. Attitude towards students.

Now, after so many years we felt that this institute needs a facelift to compete with the changing time. Indeed time has changed. Ubiquitous presence of Mobile Phones, WhatsApp and Facebook – has brought a drastic change.  Although hunger of students for knowledge remains same, the only exception is that due to multiple options students seem remain baffled and oblivious to the fact that standard of English language should be at per with the global standard. .

Keeping that mission in mind we have decided to change our name. Now onwards we will be known as CROSSWAYS.

CROSSWAYS will be a centre for LANGUAGE excellence and shaping up the personality of the students.

This time we have introduced course for the IELTS aspirants and competitive English. Hopefully, the vacuum which has been persistently hindering the growth will no more be a hindrance.